Principium Strategies is an ICANN-Accredited domain name registrar and digital brand protection company.  Our customers enjoy the same personalized service and dedicated management of their intellectual property assets they are used to from a law firm at the cost of a domain registrar - a combination no other law firm, registrar, or brand management department can offer. Using Ladas Domains can save your organization expense in domain registration and management costs while providing unmatched service, protection, and security.

Ladas Domains LLC d/b/a Principium Strategies

1040 Avenue of the Americas 

New York, NY 10018 US


224 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600

Chicago, IL 60604 US
Phone: +1.888.724.9488

Fax: +1.888.724.9488


Managing Director: Richard Streit

President: Dennis Prahl

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